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Word Out 1.3.3

Word Out 1.3.3: Challege the tetris with letters! block to destroy all blocks of the same letter, for example, when you land a bomb on a block which writes "A", all of the blocks of the letter A will be destroyed. When a block of fire lands on a block, it will first spread horizontally until its path is blocked by a wall, a block or an empty space. Then it will destroy all connected blocks in the row below its path. If a block of fire has landed on an empty pile, it will simply destroy itself. The

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac 2.1: Aobo Filter for Mac blocks inappropriate websites and applications automatically
Aobo Internet Filter for Mac 2.1

blocking software that helps Mac OS X users to block adult websites, stop games and applications. It also records accessed websites on Mac. What can Aobo Internet Filter for Mac do? Block adult websites Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is built in with adult keywords which help you block adult websites easily. By adding keywords to Blacklist, you can easily block more. Block other websites Aobo Internet Filter for Mac also blocks other types of websites

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Pop-Up Stopper Anti-Spyware Block every type of ad - spyware, popups, adware, guaranteed.
Pop-Up Stopper Anti-Spyware

block it. Period. You can report ads that we do not block, and we will update the product to block them. We block ads served by spyware and adware files. Also includes optional toolbar for Internet Explorer, Cookie Manager and complete cleaning of common Internet files. Includes spyware and adware protection for every browser and Internet connection. Also included are advanced ad-blocking options for Internet Explorer, AOL and MSN. Block banners,

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A-Block 1.1

Block is absolutely safe and doesn`t able to delete or damage data it purposed to protect. In work process A-Block carries out following functions: 1. Blocks access to files, indicated by user 2. Blocks access to the computer, if the user is absent 3. Watches connection to the Internet and manages files protection depending on concrete situation. A-Block Key Features: 1. Unique, absolutely safe and highly-effective algorithm of protection. No rewriting

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Popup Purger 1.0.7

Popup Purger is an intelligent popup blocker for Internet Explorer that can block annoying popup/under ads before they even open. It features a SmartBlock Engine, that blocks unsolicited popup ads but never interferes with your normal navigation - it automatically recognizes popup window that were intentionally triggered by you. In addition to the popup/under blocking, the program can also block web page dialogs.

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3D Blocks 2006 2.75: More challenge Tetris!From simple flat figures to twisted 3D blocks
3D Blocks 2006 2.75

3D Blocks 2006 is a funny game, which added a whole new dimension of gameplay to classic Tetris --- it`s from simple flat figures to twisted 3D blocks. The game became more funny and more challenge. Key features: Varying block complexity; Shadow of the block eases block positioning and targeting; Topview and Sideview; Varying pit size,etc.

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G-Zapper 3.2: Block the Google cookie to search anonymously.
G-Zapper 3.2

block the Google search cookie. Easily block Google cookies and clean cookies with this powerful Google cookie blocker. In addition to blocking and deleting the Google cookie, G-Zapper will also block Google Analytics from tracking the web sites you visit. What you search for should be yours and yours alone. By allowing you to automatically clean Google cookies, block Google cookies, and block Google Analytics, G-Zapper helps protect your search

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